Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Lost & Won

As I said, I and A are now addicted to Lost, even though I know that this doesn’t make us special, as lots of good people all around the world are too. We are now at the middle of Season 1, having watched 14 out of 25 episodes. We are finally aware of Michael and Walt’s stories and the episode ended with Claire’s comeback after being kidnapped by the mysterious Ethan… We are also aware of the fact that this addiction has a negative impact on our ability to sleep at night and decided to implement some measures. As a first result, yesterday we managed to watch one episode only. To be completely honest, I have to confess that the fact that we went out for dinner and to watch Benfica’s football match against FK Austria Wien also helped a lot… But still, we are determined to control our addiction and I feel confident that we will manage to do it! Coming back to Benfica, the most relevant fact is that its win last night ensured Portugal will have three teams in the UEFA Champions League for the first time ever. The win against the Austrian team was fine - with goals from Rui Costa, Nuno Gomes and Petit - and easy. A, who is not a Benfica fan, behaved in a very civilised way, proving once again to be a respectful and caring woman. I never thought that I would be able to fall in love with a FC Porto fan… but then again, I never thought that I would be able to fall in love like this at all… and yet I did. And I am happy as I can be!


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