Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Victims II

Maybe I'm too insensitive. And maybe I'm being unfair.

But I cannot avoid feeling disgusted with the media coverage of the “Virginia Tech drama”. Just because I refuse to share this aproach where some are more equal than others.

Why should all the main channels spend hours and hours broadcasting about this event? I don't see this kind of coverage about the deaths in Iraq or other places in the world: I don't see the parents crying for their dead kids, I don't see the survivers telling how they escaped, I don't see reporters on site explaning over and over again how it happened, I don't see politicians proclaming their shock and solidarity with the families...

And I don't see how the life of US or European citizens can be worth more than the life of Iraqis, Sudanese or any others.


Blogger Rundudundu said...

That is the strangest thing abou this "free world"...

Yesterday for more than half an hour CNN broadcasted two Swedish guys that happened to film Virginia Tech masacre... Comentator was asking what they thought? how they felt? ...Hey those guys were not even there, they just filmed it.
Big question is who directs media:
- Demand of viewers
- Money of those that pay
- Political pressure

I am sure that sometimes all those three factors can turn against those that believe in equal treatment and equal coverage...

Average American would not have a clue where Sudan or Darfur is, but most probably they can relate to Virginia...

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