Thursday, June 28, 2007

In need of holidays

One week only and yet Rome seems already like a distant memory… In one hand, that’s cool, because the meeting I attended in there was a real pain in the neck; on the other hand, though, it’s a pity because it also means that the nice weather and warm temperatures are also far away… Since my return, Brussels has been offering nothing but rain, wind and ridiculously low temperatures. It’s almost like we are back to winter instead of being already comfortably installed in summer, as the calendar seems to point out. I can stand snow in January and rain in April, but I can’t stand this at the end of June! It depresses me, aggresses me, and it drives me crazy! And it puts me on a bad mood! Luckily for them, my closest collaborators at work were on holidays these days; otherwise they would be now complaining against the devil inside me… and they would certainly be right to do it! The good thing about it is that tomorrow the week will come to an end, and that on Saturday I will be taking an early flight to Bucharest, where I will attend the wedding of two dear friends of mine, surrounded by several other friends and colleagues. I will then take some days off and hope to be able to rest and have fun, so I can recharge the batteries and come back to Brussels in a better mood and ready to face the last few weeks before holidays. So be it!


Blogger Bolachinha said...

Se te serve de consolo, aqui também não estão aqueles dias quentes do ano passado...

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