Monday, October 22, 2007

Alcohol-related harm

Next time someone offers me a bottle of rum arguing that, as I have a big and half-empty suitcase, I can easily carry it, I will remember this trip to Bucharest... After spending the weekend in Berlin at the YFJ Bureau meeting, I travelled to Bucharest through Warsaw; I landed in Bucharest at around 2am and checked-in at the JW Marriott Bucharest Grand Hotel at 3am. I still needed to work on the presentation that I will make tomorrow morning in the context of a Corporate Social Responsibility conference... but I decided to unpack first. The problem was that the above mentioned bottle was broken and all its content mixed with my clothes... Now, I knew that leaving the preparation of my presentation for the last minute was a big mistake... but what does one do without any clothes? Well, the right answer is "thanks God that I'm staying at the Marriott"! I took one of the three phones available in the room, hit the key "at your service", explained the situation to a nice woman and five minutes later another woman came to pick up my clothes with the promise to bring them back, cleaned, at 10am. I think that all hotels should have laundry/dry cleaning services available 24 hours! Or that I should always stay at the JW Marriott Grand hotels! Just in case...


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