Monday, March 24, 2008

White Easter

On Friday, while the calendar pointed out the beginning of spring in the Northern hemisphere, in Brussels the first snow of 2008 fell… Since then, it has been snowing every now and then, which rose among many of us, expectations concerning the possibility of experiencing the first ever white Easter. It didn’t quite happen, because it was never cold enough for the snow flakes to accumulate and create a thick white layer on the streets, buildings and trees; but it has snowed enough to make it unpleasant to be on the open air, and for opening the mouth in amazement when looking outside the windows… But not even the snow disturbed the already traditional Brussels’ Easter celebration with friends and colleagues, marked by great food in enormous amounts, accompanied by en equally generous amount of liquids of diverse kinds and, most of all, by good humour and human warmth provided by an amazing group of people who, apart from constituting a great professional team, make up for a great bunch of friends too. I said it already many times, but it is indeed both a pleasure and a privilege to work and share my life with them all! After a 15-hours-long Easter lunch, I woke-up a couple of hours ago only to find out, with a certain surprise that I managed to avoid the expected (and well-deserved) hangover… Therefore, in spite of the ugly weather and the fact that I spent the last two hours cleaning (again!) the apartment, I feel good. And I plan to keep the feeling throughout the day, the week that will bring me back to the airports and flights routine, and the month that will soon start and hopefully include a very much desired re-encounter with some of my most loved ones. And real spring!


Blogger kiscsillag said...

wonderful to hear that you had great Easter time. and its always all about people. i was really happy to have my mom here, though i missed the berlin family..:)

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