Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The future is ours to see

I just came back to Brussels, after five days in Portugal. Five days of rain, sometimes heavy, and temperatures close to the ones I have experienced when I was there for Christmas... But, also, five days spent with people I love and who love me; five days of great (and lots of) food; and five days off work, even though that didn't make them less busy... Five days back at home are always too few, like, anyway, any number of days are always too few. But this time, after such a long absence, it was even worse... I didn't want to be back yet! There are so many things that I wanted to do and I could not or didn't have the time to... The good thing is that I will be back on Friday! And, this time, I will be heading South, to Lisbon, which means that I will be able to see my son! But, being back to Brussels, is also nice. It isn't raining, the temperatures are quite high, and there is a lot of interesting work awaiting for me... and, fortunately, a lot of good friends too! In one year time, I will be spending my last days at the European Youth Forum... I don't know if that means that I will be organising my return to Portugal, the move to another job in Brussels or elsewhere, or simply looking for a new job. In any case, I will be facing a new challenge. I know that in one year time many things change and, therefore, I am trying not to make very strict plans; but I know that, somehow, I must start thinking of what I will do next. These five days in Portugal showed me that I could probably be back, find a job there and keep being happy; but they also showed me that prolonging my stay in Brussels wouldn't be impossible either. One of the main reasons for this is the fact that I always thought that going back to Portugal would mean being closer to my son, while staying in Brussels (or elsewhere) would mean being far away from him. Today, I am not that sure any longer... staying in Brussels doesn't necessarily mean being away from my son, and going back to Portugal doesn't necessarily mean being close to him either... The truth is that these five days in Portugal reminded me of a very simple fact: the future is what we make of it. It is about time for me to start making my future!


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