Friday, April 18, 2008

Friday evening

Friday evening. One more week gone, one more « chinese food+movie » evening about to start. I just came back from my run and, even though I feel tired, I am happy: who would say, three weeks ago, that I could run for 30 minutes? I certainly wouldn't! Tomorrow I will go to Spain again. It will be nice, but I can't tell much about it yet. It's a surprise! I will be back on Sunday. Next week will be a busy one. Difficult too. But it will still be a good one: I will have an important guest coming to visit me, someone I miss a lot and whose presence will make me very happy. I hope the Spring will finally come to Brussels too; it's about time! As a friend said earlier today, we could all use a bit of vitamin D... In the meantime, my mind will keep traveling back to Shanghai. Chief Inspector Chen, while solving another mystery, will introduce me to its places and its people, its smells and its tastes. I really need holidays! Real holidays!


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