Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Time flies

It’s been more than week since my last entry and this is something that hasn’t happened for a while. It’s not like if there was nothing to write about; quite the opposite, actually. First, on Tuesday, an old and very dear friend came for professional reasons (what else?!) to Brussels and stayed at my place, which means that we were able to spend some time together and talk about many different issues. It is funny and weird at the same time to see how reassuring it is to talk with old friends. Maybe it’s because they know you well or simply because you don’t even question their loyalty towards you, or something else. The fact is that it is deeply reassuring and makes you feel much better. I hope that he and others will keep coming regularly. Then, she came too. Not so much for professional reasons, but rather because of me. Even though I had to work during part of her stay, it was really nice. We haven’t met for quite a while and we missed each other. And, therefore, it was nice to spend these days together. On the top of everything, and I don’t know if this is just a coincidence, the sun shone during most of her stay. And we celebrated the other Easter, and cooked together, and ate together and met friends, and walked and watched movies, and it was really nice. Now that she left, and that the rain and the grey skies came back to Brussels, it is difficult to think of something else other than when we will meet again. And it seems too far away… Over the last few days I didn’t read much, but tonight I will finish the autobiography of J. G. Ballard, because tomorrow, for my return to Barcelona, I want to start with “La ciudad de los prodigios”. I think it makes sense.


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