Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Pursuit of Happiness

Fun, friends and fantastic music and books and food. If I would have to prescribe a treatment for someone in the pursuit of happiness, this is how it would look like. Fortunately I have been having plenty of these lately. Well, maybe having plenty of food is not that good… but for the rest, the more the better! Being busy at work helps not to think too much about other things ; but what really helps to boost one’s mood and allows to move on is to be surrounded by nice friends and having lots of fun ! I am lucky enough to have many friends who are more than nice and are always ready to support me when I most need them, and this past week many of them have been there for me, filling the emptiness and fighting the loneliness. And I am really grateful to all of them! On the other hand, and because there are still some moments when friends can’t be there taking care of me, reading a good book and/or listening to great music always helps. These last few days, this role has been played by Eduardo Mendoza’s « La ciudad de los prodigios » and music from The Envelopes, Monade, Chris Bathgate, Catpower and Maria João. And Vampire Weekend, whose concert I’ll be attending tonight, with a small group of friends. And, tomorrow afternoon, my neighbours will have to be tolerant, because it will be me and my friends singing... So, as many people have told me these last few days, life goes on. And, with a little help from my friends, the pursuit of happiness too.


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