Thursday, May 08, 2008

Summer in the city!

Since I came back from Barcelona on Monday, the weather in Brussels has been so nice that it is actually hard to believe that this is still the same city known for its grey skies and permanent rainy days. Temperatures in the top twenties, blue skies, sun shining, people smiling and having lunch in the parks. Brussels gets to be nice! And yesterday I was in Paris and it was exactly the same thing! It brings memories of the long spring Lisbon days… and makes me wonder why I decided to go to Syros, in Greece, for the weekend… I mean, it’s not that I am not happy for finally going there and get to spend some time visiting a place where I have never been, enjoying the company of people I like; it’s just that the initial plan was to escape from the rainy old Brussels and not to skip the amazingly nice weather of the upcoming long weekend… Anyway, the truth is that after a short but intense working week, I will now head south, to the islands. If I survive the long flights and especially the boat-trips, I promise to bring some nice pictures and share them with you; otherwise, enjoy the sunny weekend!


Blogger Ana said...

Está tudo ao contrário!!! Aqui está o tempo de Bruxelas... Estou farta de casacos e sapatos fechados!

12:30 PM  

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