Friday, May 30, 2008

Invisible Cities

Yesterday I started reading Calvino's « Invisible Cities ». As the title says, it is about cities. Not really invisible, but not fully real either. And about many other things too and, especially, about the human nature. Marco Polo is the narrator and, throughout the beautiful poem-like novel, describes many and different cities to the ageing Kublai Khan. All these cities have women's names and they all have human nature. I don't know if Lisbon is a woman's name in any presently or previously existing language, but I don't have any doubt that it has human nature... The Lisbon I know and I dream of isn't totally real either, but it is visible; so visible, that I can see it even when I close my eyes and simply let my imagination fly. Tonight, I don't need to close my eyes to see Lisbon; tonight, it is actually more visible if I keep my eyes wide open. That's what I'll do: I will turn off the laptop, stand up, step outside and enjoy the nice and warm evening. With nice friends, nice food, nice wine and, hopefully, nice music!


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