Monday, April 07, 2008

La ciudad de los prodigios

As I said, the beginning of last week was busy and difficult. And its end wasn’t easier… But, whereas the difficulties of the beginning were strictly professional, the ones at the end were more personal and intimate. And, therefore, I decided to refrain from writing for the last few days. There are some limits to what I am willing to share with my readers. But, then again, some signs of hope were given, and my friends did the rest. And they made me feel better. On Friday we took another step on what is becoming a tradition of “Chinese food + movie” evening; and on Saturday I finally went and meet Raphaël. He is indeed a very cute baby, and it was great to see the happiness expressed by his parents’ eyes. It makes me happy to see my friends happy! And the truth is that being there and sharing their intimacy brought many nice memories back. Memories of when I too was blessed by the birth of my son and everything that came with it. Every time I think of it, I can’t help smiling. Then, I went for a short trip to Catalonia, and apart from the more professional part of it – which included 400km on the road to go to Deltebre and back to Barcelona – I had a great time with a very good friend and colleague: beautiful views, charming atmospheres, tasty food, and even a visit to Camp Nou, for a Spanish League football match. Barcelona is indeed a great place to be! The only downside was that my flight back to Brussels left today at 7am, which means that I had to wake-up at 5 and therefore am quite sleepy and tired. Courtesy of Khaled Hosseini, as “A Thousand Splendid Suns” finale kept me awake for the whole duration of my early morning flight. And I think this is the best compliment I have ever made to a book and its author! Don’t miss it; it is an absolute must read!


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