Thursday, June 12, 2008

Friday 13th

The day off in Oslo was very nice, and on Tuesday I even went for a run, which I hadn't done for almost one month and made me very happy. Yesterday was even better, as Portugal won its second match in the UEFA Euro 2008 and is therefore through the quarter finals. But today Brussels woke-up as if it was mid-December, really grey and wet, and it remained like that for most of the day... I know that this is a rainy place and that we need to accept it and get used to it... but the calendar says that summertime starts next week, and it is really frustrating to see that Brussels seems not to give a shit about it! As if the bad weather was not enough to put me in a bad mood, I spent the entire day running from one meeting to another... and, as if the cake still needed a cherry on its top, I found out, when leaving the office, that all my contacts had vanished from my cell phone... Someone will have to explain me what happened, and should be glad not to be anywhere close when I found out about this annoying fact... So, while my friends in Lisbon were partying and celebrating St Anthony's, I spent the entire evening copying all my contacts to my cell phone, once again... and now I will go to sleep, hoping that tomorrow will be a better day... although the calendar says that tomorrow will be the real Friday 13th...


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