Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Here I am, once again back in Brussels. The weather was nice when I landed, but now it has rained and the streets are all wet. Anyway, not even the nice weather would have been able to change my mood tonight... I wanted to have stayed longer in Lisbon! Everytime I go back, I get reminded of how much I like it and enjoy being in there... The weather was nice and that helps, of course; but spending time with my son, and actually tasting the flavour of being part of his normal daily life, beats everything else! And then, there are also my friends, so many of them; the jacaranda trees blossoming; the narrow cobblestone streets; the views over the river; the Bairro Alto and its restaurants and bars; the nice food and the cheap drinks... and even the Rock in Rio festival! Lisbon is the most beautiful city in the whole world, and the one I will always give priority to when chosing where to live next. But now I am back, and tomorrow will be back in the office and to the hundreds of things on my « to do » list... then, on Friday, I will go to Oslo, for the Bureau meeting. It will be my first time ever in Norway, and I am really looking forward to it. Next month I will be back to Lisbon and Portugal, for real holidays! The countdown starts now!


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