Monday, June 23, 2008

Football, friends and caipirinhas!

Portugal lost against Germany and is out of the UEFA Euro 2008. Croatia, the Netherlands and Italy too. Now, everything will be decided between Germany, Turkey, Russia and Spain. When it all started, two weeks ago, who would have said that these would be the four semi-finalists? I wouldn't. Actually, even just one week ago, my own guess included one out of these four teams only: Spain. Many people, including many of my friends, will say that this is somehow a denial of the beautiful game, as the teams that are generally considered to play better football don't win. This was already the case four years ago when Greece won. I have to say that I disagree. It is of course a pity that the best teams don't win - especially when one of them is the one I support -, but isn't exactly this the beauty of football? The fact that it is not an exact science, possible to predict? I think it is. And there's always something magical about « small » teams winning! Except in the case of Germany, of course...
But football, even when our teams lose, is always a good excuse for gathering friends around a TV set and, preferably, some nice food and many beers. From this point of view; the UEFA Euro 2008 is being a huge success! I've been spending lots of time with many dear friends, and that's really nice. Yesterday, saying farewell to Patricia was the excuse for another nice dinner and yet another excursion to Canoa Quebrada! And, as it happened last week, the party was all night long, and the sun was waiting for us at the exit, after many hours of samba, sweat and great caipirinhas! Today, when I woke-up, the caipirinhas' effects were still there... that, and the fact that I needed to do something that I would have preferred not to, prevented me from enjoying what I am sure was a nice barbecue at Waterloo. And, as if that was not enough, I managed to spoil the evening of someone I care a lot about... and that makes me feel bad... Of course, I didn't do it on purpose and I would give everything to undo it... but, as it is often the case, I only realise this when it is already too late... as another friend taught me once, experience is what allows us to recognise a mistake after making it again... so, no, I guess I will never learn and need to keep apologising instead...
One new week is about to start, and I can only hope it to be a better one. I trust it will.


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