Sunday, June 15, 2008

Europe à la carte

Friday wasn't a very good day for the European Union. The results of the referendum in Ireland were announced and, together with them, a new institutional crisis... the only member state organising a referendum to ratify the Treaty of Lisbon said NO and we're once again back to where we were three years ago, after the referenda in France and the Netherlands... I hope that this time leaders understand that what the EU needs is clear, strong and trustworthy leadership, instead of plans B, C or D! What citizens want is delivery, instead of debate; and motivating projects of change, instead of business as usual. The problem is that people like Mr Barroso or Mr Pöttering will never understand that... and will always prefer the status quo that allowed them to obtain their positions, to a serious project of reform and progress.
On the other hand, the UEFA Euro 2008 keeps producing good news. Germany lost against Croatia, Italy wasn't able to beat Romania, and France was smashed by the Netherlands. I guess you can call it Robin Hood's complex, but I always enjoy seeing these big countries losing against smaller teams! And, anyway, looking at the quality of the footbal played, I think that it would be totally fair to see Portugal, Croatia, the Netherlands and Spain playing the semi-finals. Let's hope for justice to prevail, at least in the Europe of football!
I was supposed to travel to Brazzaville tomorrow. As the PYU Congress was postponed, I won't go to Congo after all... which makes me a bit sad, because I was really looking forward to it... anyway, I can use some rest and some time in Brussels, and plan to use it the best that I can. Last night I went for a very nice evening out with the gang, which started with a lot of spare ribs and continued with even more caipirinhas and samba! We had a lot of fun, and it reminded me of the fact that being in Brussels can also be nice. Therefore, I will stay without regrets and will start planning for the next weekend and, even more important, for summer holidays! First in Portugal and with Francisco and, then, in the first days of August, with whomever comes up with the best suggestions!


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