Monday, October 13, 2008

Council of Europe, Ukraine and vodka...

This last week went fast... either because it was spent in Ukraine in a busy environment with lots of people around; or maybe because I wanted it so much to be over. On the other hand, when I look at the amount of things that happened this last week, it's hard to believe that only one week went by. Maybe it's just that vodka affects the perception of time... or maybe I should simply stop drinking vodka. The week has been so weird that even today, which was probably the last sunny Sunday until April 2009 and my first free day for a quite long time, was spent at the office... and one hour ago I was so tired that it seemed that I could sleep forever, and now seems that I can't sleep anymore... and I didn't even had vodka tonigth! Guess that I should stop writing and close the computer... maybe it will help. If not, Inspector Chen will. And tomorrow morning, a much nicer week will start! I am really looking forward for it!


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