Sunday, October 19, 2008

Det var hyggeligt!

After almost eight weeks of continued work, I took some days off and headed to Copenhagen. Good looks, brains, perfect proportions, a sunny disposition and a sense of humour are always a winning combination – and Copenhagen has it all! Plus, Copenhagen treats residents and visitors to a lifestyle that's hard to match: manageable scale, clean environment and abundant green space, efficient public transport, good food culture and beautiful urban design. And, of course, a well-spread commitment to cycling, which makes urban navigation swift and seamless, and allows everyone to fully enjoy the city. Copenhageners can be proud of their city, but they won't make a fuss about it; Danes in general are most likely to shut out the turmoil and troubles of the outside world and strive, instead, for a warm, intimate mood. That's what they refer to as «hygge» which, roughly translated, means cosy and snug. Hygge affects how Danes approach many aspects of their personal lives, from the design of their homes to their fondness for small cafés and restaurants. With its progressive policies, its widespread tolerance (gay marriage was legalised in 1989, just to give an example) and a liberal social-welfare system that works, Denmark might no longer be the big and powerful country it used to, but Copenhagen is, probably, the most liveable city in the world. In between the smørrebrød and the frikadeller, around a couple of beers and the nice (foreign) red wine, over the long walks under the sun, the visits to the surprising museums and the cosy evenings at home, this week spent in Copenhagen was not only very pleasant, but also very re-assuring. Change takes time and demands some efforts; but it is always easier to accommodate when in good company. Tak!


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