Sunday, October 26, 2008


This was supposed to have been a calm week... And yet, it wasn't. I spent hours doing interviews, for three different positions in the YFJ Secretariat. And the saga isn't over yet... Plus, one of these sessions took place in Prague, which implied short, but very early flights on both Tuesday and Wednesday. And, to finish the week, Friday was spent at a very successful, but also very long event that prevented me from being at my desk, getting some office work done. Which means that, in order to still do what I was supposed to do this week, I had to cut on the sleeping hours and extend the working schedule. Result: I got sick... and therefore could not properly enjoy the free weekend... So, what's new? Nothing really... Except maybe the fact that winter has started and one of my apartment's heaters is broken. Or that in a couple of hours I will be flying to Berlin, where I plan to enjoy the next three days off. Life isn't that bad, is it?


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