Thursday, April 30, 2009

Everything that happens, will happen today

Yesterday, I went to see David Byrne's concert in Lisbon. It was part of his current Tour aimed at promoting his last album, done in cooperation with the British musician Brian Eno. Both Brian Eno and David Byrne have been constant references throughout my musical education, and I am big fan of the music they compose, interpret and produce. When this album came out, I ran to get it, hoping that it would be at least as good as their first collaboration some 20 years ago; and I was surprised to find out that it is actually even better. I tried to go to his concert in Antwerp, but it turned out not to be possible, and therefore I was very happy to find out that his concert in Lisbon was scheduled for one day when I was supposed to be in town for a meeting. Perfect coincidence! The concert was great and I really enjoyed being there. What I could not know at the time I decided to buy my ticket was that yesterday would be marked by another piece of good news... You know that job I wanted very much? Well... I got it! The good news came in by phone, quite early in the morning, on time to make for a very pleasant and happy day! I am still trying to realise the full extension of what it will mean for me, both in personal and in professional terms; but I am very happy, very excited and very much looking forward to embracing this new challenge. The process that led to this outcome taught me several important lessons, and I am confident that they will be useful in view of my future engagements and plans. However, the most important factor of success, the biggest asset I was able to mobilise, was the invaluable support I received from an absolutely amazing bunch of people that I am privileged enough to be able to call friends. They have not only promoted my achievements, but also encouraged me, helped me researching, offered alternative ideas, gave feedback, played the “devil's advocate”, proofread my written reflections and, most important of all, believed in me and, by doing so, strengthened my belief in myself. I owe them a lot, and I only wish to be able never to disappoint them. I know that they expect a lot from me, and I hope they also know that I will never spare efforts in trying to live up to their expectations. I am well aware of the difficulties ahead and of the hugeness of the challenge that lies in front of me, but my previous experiences have shown me that the combination of strong beliefs and hard work is a powerful one. And, when on the top of this, you have a group of friends such as mine around, you can't help thinking that everything will be just fine. Stay close!


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