Friday, April 24, 2009

Spring Dreams

I've been traveling quite a lot lately. Last week I was in Cyprus, and now I am in Stockholm, already about to go back to Brussels. I will spend the weekend at home (don't remember when was the last time I did it), but on Monday will go to Lisbon and, then, on Thursday, back to Tbilisi. The meeting in Cyprus was my last (regular) Bureau meeting, and it was nice to have it close to the sea and under beautiful blue skies and shining sun. It was nice too that it was in Cyprus, which is a place I like and where many good friends live. But what was really good about the stay in Cyprus is that I learned that I was short listed for a second round of interviews for that famous job I want so much! That makes me very happy, and makes me want this job even more now! The other good news of the week, is that Spring seems to have arrived pretty much to every corner of Europe: Brussels has been boasting beautiful, sunny days in an impressive row, and even in Stockholm the sun is shining and people are smiling. All of this has put me in a very good mood, that only the problems with the YFJ email server have been able to interrupt for a short while... I have been smiling a lot too, and these last weeks as SG of the YFJ look less frightning than they used to, as career opportunities unveil, the sun shines and adorable people are around. And, on the top of everything, new travels are also on the horizon; those of the kind that make one dream and therefore add real value to one's life. Let it be!


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