Sunday, May 24, 2009

Texas on my mind

In spite of the kind words, the nice gifts and the warm signs of affections, saying farewell wasn't easy and it felt nice to escape immediately after, far away from Brussels and from the European Youth Forum's environment. And going back to Texas was simply something I had to do: circumstances can force one to change their plans; but if one is sure and persistent enough, dreams end up coming true. Coming back to Brussels wasn't easy and coming back to the office wasn't easy either. But, at least, the sun has been greeting me from the early hours of the morning and that helps compensating the lack of sleep produced by the jet-lag and far too much thinking. I miss Texas, and I miss you... Before going back to the office for my last day behind the desk that I called my own for the last four years, and before one last trip to one last new country, I am now on my way to Portugal, where I will attend one last event organized by the Portuguese National Youth Council, in Braga. Ironic or not, four years ago, soon after being appointed Secretary General of the European Youth Forum, I was in Braga, attending another event; funny how life plays tricks on us... In just ten days, it will all be gone; by then, I will no longer be the Secretary General of the European Youth Forum and a new stage of my life will slowly start to disclose itself. And I am looking forward for it! Even if my mind will remain some thousands of miles away...


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