Friday, July 20, 2007

Great Friends, Great Week

After those nice days spent in Lisbon, with good friends and my son, and with heat and sun too, I came back to Brussels for a quite hectic week which included a short visit to Madrid. I travelled with a good friend, saw some others who now live there, and enjoyed a little bit more of sun and heat. I did well, because here in Brussels the weather interludes one day of sun and blue skies, with one of heavy rain and dark grey ceiling… I don’t understand it, and I officially stopped trying… But the week won’t be remembered for the busy days at the office and the frustrations created by the rain only. This week was the one in which I met a wonderful new friend, got closer to another lovely one and enjoyed two very nice dinners with two different groups of really nice friends. This was also the week in which I felt sorry because one of my friends was robbed, and the week in which I realised that I’m going to miss another one who will be leaving Brussels soon. But it was also the week in which friends made me feel special, by telling me nice things and giving me beautiful gifts. Finally, this was the week in which I totally surrendered to the Hôtel Costes’ records (by Stéphane Pompougnac) and discovered Amy Winehouse’s voice and lyrics. Two suggestions from two great friends! So, all in all, despite the rain and some not so good news, this was a great week. As I guess all of them are when we have such great friends and are able to appreciate what we already have instead of always seeking for better and higher.


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