Saturday, March 29, 2008

Always expect the unexpected

This was a busy week, and it ended in an unexpected way. After the great and long Easter weekend, the snow stopped falling and I went to Madrid. As it happened the last time I was there, the flight was delayed for more than two hours… but Madrid is always a nice destination and I had a nice time in there: met good friends, got my coffee dose delivered, attended quite successful meetings, enjoyed nice food and even had time to visit the bookstores around Gran Via and buy a couple of books of two Spanish authors I like very much: Arturo Pérez-Reverte and Eduardo Mendoza. I came back to Brussels on Thursday late in the evening, unpacked, packed again and got ready to go to Vilnius, where I should have landed yesterday around 10pm. I didn’t. Air Baltic decided to cancel its flight from Brussels to Vilnius and suggested the passengers to go to Riga instead, and then, from there, take a bus to the Lithuanian capital. Estimated arrival time: 6am… Even though I was really looking forward to going to Vilnius and attending this seminar on Intercultural Dialogue, while meeting good friends and enjoying a city I like a lot, I declined… I started to realise that I am getting old mainly because I get easily tired; and all these trips and all these flights delayed and cancelled are slowly killing me… so, this Baltic road-trip and another night without enough sleep, courtesy of Air Baltic, were the last things I needed! Instead, I decided to ask for the reimbursement of the price of the ticket and stay in Brussels. And here I am, at home, enjoying an unexpected free weekend with no plans at all… Guess I will try to sort some things out on my apartment, maybe go for a walk and try to spend time with friends, read and listen to music… unless... is there anyone up for a movie?


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