Monday, June 01, 2009

The end is always a new beginning

That's it! It's over: I am no longer the Secretary General of the European Youth Forum. I find it quite charming to write these words in Reykjavik, under a finally blue sky and with the sun shining even though the clock indicates 10pm. Symbolical, in one hand, that it happens in one of the most remote European countries, but also promising, since this country has announced that it wants to become the 28th EU Member State soon. Life does surprise us. And sometimes those surprises are good. I will spend the next few weeks resting, planning the future and hoping for more good surprises. The future starts now!


Blogger kiscsillag said...

The future starts now indeed. Although I have to admit that it feels rather weird not being able to call you and ask you foolish questions or just questions or just ask or talk bout YFJ:)

on the other hand, back to friend talks finally.:)

Enjoy the future and new start and see you very soon:)

10:42 AM  

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