Tuesday, September 18, 2007

It's good... but it could be more good!

Being in Lisbon is nice. The weather is great, the city is beautiful and full of good restaurants and bars. Moreover, it's the city where my son and many of my dearest friends live. Being in Lisbon when, on the top of everything, many of my "international" friends are also here, is even nicer. And that's exactly what happened over the last few days. The Youth Event of the Portuguese Presidency of the European Union brought a lot of friends to this city that I consider to be mine, and offered me the possibility of sharing with them some bits of my Lisbon, showing-off with my cute son, and going out every night until quite late. Lisbon is even nicer when you can party at night and sleep the entire following morning! Well, all in all, I've been having a great time, and I guess it is quite obvious because several of my friends sent me nice messages such as "nice to see you relaxed " or "it is good to see you relaxed for a change. Keep it up. It suits you"... I'm also happy to have been able to show them a different side of me! But I have to confess that even though it's been very nice, it hasn't been perfect... perfection is a very complex thing, and very often I am not able to avoid thinking that I would prefer to be somewhere else... with someone else... Luckily enough, this will happen soon... in one week only!


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