Monday, September 24, 2007


4 years ago, I lived the happiest day of my life! After a long and hard sunny day, he was finally out! I first saw him covered in blood, and then heard his cry - his first ever breath! - and it was magical! A single, unique, mystical moment! I don't remember if I was able to say something; but I do remember that I cried. I cried tears of emotion, tears of joy, tears of not knowing what to do in front of such powerful magic. And I looked his mother on her eyes, and I held her hands, and I kissed her. She was also crying. And then, I touched him, and I kissed him, and I held him for the first of a million times! And I cried again. And today, when I think of everything that happened over the last four years, I feel like crying again. The tears today are different though. Many of them are still tears of joy, tears of wonder, tears of thankfulness; but a few of these are tears of sadness, tears of not knowing what to do in front of such a huge emptiness. Because, today, I would have liked to be with you; today, I would have liked to be your father...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

happy birthday kiko..

6:48 AM  
Blogger kiscsillag said...

happy birthday francisco..

i hope my father has ever thought such thoughts as well..

9:37 PM  

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